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Have an old car that you can't t even drive anymore? Damaged, rusted-out, totaled? It doesn't matter what the reason is to us. We buy them all. We pride ourselves in helping our customers get rid of their old junk vehicles. Not only do we help them get rid of their old junk vehicles we actually buy them from them too.

Our customers know that they can get an excellent price for their old junk vehicles without having to go through all the troubles of trying to get rid of it on their own. They also happen to like the fact that we're local and equipped with a friendly staff that has been serving the La Jolla, CA area, with fast, reliable service. Cash For Junk Cars La Jolla is your answer for lifting that heavy burden of an old useless vehicle sitting around reminding you of yesteryear.


We take on cars that are in any shape. Believe it or not, we actually prefer when our customers bring us the most beat up, mangled vehicles. We're not in it for the scrap, we actually like to take the old parts that don't seem usable and turn them into parts for other cars. We believe that there's still life in that old vehicle of yours, and our crew works hard to find it. That's why the price that we pay for your used vehicle is top dollar, and way much more than you would get if you took it to someone that was just interested in it for the metal.


Unlike some cash for cars places, we're actually in the business because we work specifically on repairs. Because of this, you may just be surprised to find out how much your old vehicle is worth. The demands for different parts rises and falls, just like other trends. The customer service experience our helpful crew provides each and every one of our new customers has helped us grow the large base of customer trust and loyalty that is important to us. We aren'nt just your local cash for cars place. We're locals too.


Have you tried to sell your car on your own yet? The process is anything but easy. It's time consuming, unrewar ing, and ultimately more of a burden then just bringing your car to us. You could be done with your old car the very same day. We know how frustrating it can be for our customers to try and use the classifieds or some other online search to sell their old cars. We hear it from them on a routine basis. Our services make it easy to put a smile on our customers' faces. They're more than happy to let us know what a relief it is to finally be done with the old piece of trash sitting around their property. Of course, we would never call it trash. But maybe that's just us. You can call it money in your hand.


If you don't think that you're re going to be able to bring your car in to us, just give us a call and we can come on out to you. We're used to having to fire up the tow-truck and we'd be happy to do so for you, absolutely free of charge. It would be pointless of us to be in this business and expect our customers to be want to pay the large towing fees they would incur if they hired a private towing service just to sell their old vehicle.

We have two big passions in life and in our business: Car Repairs and Customer service. We don't even like to think of our customers as such. We really think of them as our neighbors, because quite frankly some of them have been. We love it when we run into people that we've done business with. We spend a lot of time in the shop, so it's always good to see a familiar face from time to time.


Feel free to stop on in or give us a call. One of our team members can help you with any questions or concerns that you may have regarding your vehicle. We can just about guarantee that we'll take your vehicle no matter what. In all the years of business we've had, there have only been a few vehicles that we're just better off as scrap, but those are far and very few between. We're happy to say that most vehicles have a lot of life left in them that can be put to use to keep newer vehicles in better running condition. We love the fact that we get to keep the cars people love in tip-top shape, while we get to help others get rid of the vehicles they don't want. We look forward to giving your old vehicle a purpose again.