Our customers often ask us what we're going to do with their vehicle. We buy junk cars in La Jolla because we're in the business of repairs. We absolutely love getting our hands into old cars and dropping plenty of elbow grease to give old vehicles new life. Many times we take parts from several cars and are able to give a them a future in a new car with plenty of more miles on the road.

We don't like to waste anything, and we certainly don't like our customers wasting either. This includes their time and their money. Our crew is dedicated to making sure that you get exactly what your old junk vehicle is worth. Our estimates vary deepening on where the market happens to be for the different factors that we examine when we purchase your vehicle from you.

Aside from getting to do what we love every day, we also get the benefit of watching as people go from slight distrust to absolute amazement when we give them a very fair price for their old junk. We don't blame them for being slightly apprehensive at first. We know how frustrating it can be for our customers to try and get rid of their old junk vehicles. Why should they trust us? Our track record and great crew here at the shop is happy to dispel any worries or concerns, and we do on a regular basis. Our customers have been consistently pleased with our service and the payment that we have issued for junk vehicles.


Our crew can come right out to you with a tow vehicle, free of charge, and pay you right on the spot for your vehicle today. It usually just takes a few hours from start to finish for you to sell your car to us. That's surely a lot quicker than having to go through any of the old-fashioned means of getting rid of a junk car. Unless you took your vehicle to a scrapyard, that could be pretty quick, but that surely isn't going to give you near the money that we are.

We're in the business of doing repairs. We want the parts for much more than the value they have as melted down junk. We put your vehicle to good use, so that it can continually have value. We are happy to help our customers sleep better at night knowing that their old favorite vehicle just wasn't melted down to make the next big clog in the machine, instead it was used to help make another vehicle better.


We like to build opportunities, and we feel that we've done a good job of that here with our crew that is continually willing and able to help our customers get truly compensated for the hidden value in their old junk cars. Feel free to contact us today and let our friendly staff know what you are looking at selling. We can even come right out to you and get things taken care of, more than likely, that same day.